Amusing, a supporter of Indonesia entered the field just before Indonesia was defeated 1-2 by Oman in the Main Stadium of Bung Karno, Jakarta, Wednesday (6/1/2010).

This incident happened, long before the game of Pre Qualification Asia Cup 2011,  Group B, between Indonesia against Oman ended.

One of the Indonesian fans who escaped from the security forces' attention was a plump man, running to the middle of the field. He stole the ball from the foot of an Oman player and escorted to the Al-Habsi's goal.

Having successfully kicked the ball towards the goalkeeper from the Premier League club Bolton Waderers, the man was immediately knocked down by the officers.

However, this incident forced the match between Indonesia against Oman to stop for a moment.

Have you read a controversial book entitled Membongkar Gurita Cikeas (Unmask Cikeas Octopus)? It's about Indonesian President's wicked business relating to what which has been a byword---the Bank Century bailout case. However, even its author, in fact, is the controversial one!

Commission Member of Information of  House of Representatives of Indonesia, Ramadan Pohan, was beaten by George Junus Aditjondro, author of Unmask Cikeas Octopus recently!

The beating was done immediately after Ramadan had responded to the book of Unmask of Cikeas Octopus held at Caffe Jewel, Jakarta. For some reason, "George suddenly hits the nose of Ramadan with the book," said Janti Wignjopranoto, one of the participants in the discussion, Wednesday (30/12).

The attack triggered Ramadan to react.  His face was inflamed. Irritated, Ramadan straight off the stage and strolled home.  "You see my nose. I was struck by George," said Ramadan not long after leaving the discussion.

Ramadan's statement quickly seized the attention of reporters around, outside the room.  They surrounded Ramadan and kept asking the chronology.  But unfortunately, Ramadan did not have time to elaborate.

To reporters George admitted that he had been provoked by Ramadan saying that he has been hallucinating. by his work, "My hands do not touch the face." said George in the middle of the discussion session.

Now you see here, who's right or wrong?

A statue of President of the United States Barack Obama has already been erected in  Menteng Park,  South Jakarta. This brings nothing but continues to trigger criticisms. Not only Indonesian,  a citizen of the United States questions the making of the statue.   

It is reported the kid image of Obama in his ten year,  wearing school-boy shorts with his outstretched hand holding up a butterfly, costs around $10,000 and was created to inspire young Indonesians.  
The U.S. president was born in Hawaii and lived in Indonesia  for four years in the 1960s with his mother and Indonesian stepfather. The young Obama, who once studied and played in this neighborhood, was known to many then as "Barry."
However Barry seems to be in advance to be idolized here. Let alone after he has sent a large number of US troops to Afghanistan and deemed to be controversial to have received a Noble Prize award.
If only our late heroes who deserved to be sculptured in the park could comment, probably they would say, "What a waste of money for a rush!"

Great, human being knows more than God does. There's no more man proposes God disposes anymore here. You are inviting something you really want to happen. How come; you are trying to convince people that it's really going to be over--the whole world! And you have already been smarter than God! Sure, any wishes will be fulfilled--as asked. But it is a reprimand, a huge disaster but small scope in the eye of God. Only befalls on those who believe.

Actually you are creating a fear in yourself--an exaggeration. No matter how accurate a scientific research is, how precise a prophecy would be, psychics are nonsense relating to religion well understanding.

I would like to say, those who believe in God, does not

believe in this nonsense.
Wallahu ya'lamu maa la ta'lamuun. Wallahu a'lam. Curious? Better find the translation rather than stick to ridiculous sophisticated theories.

                                                                           Are you really inviting trouble by fighting against God's will?

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